Washington D.C.

In all my travels I've found that it's the stories that make a trip.

Honestly, if it weren't for the stories and encounters with strangers most of my trips would just be me  taking photos in front of monuments and devouring local food. That wouldn't be entirely terrible actually. But the conversations you have teach you so much more about the people who are local to that city. In one moment you can become acquainted with a whole new side of life you hadn't known.

It's also in these conversations that you learn how human we all are. How our stories parallel and how we are all frantically wondering on this planet trying to find our happiness. 

In a short Lyft ride from our accommodation to Georgetown, we learnt of a man's simple pleasures in his old age and how now lives to see his grandkids graduate from college. We learnt of his sister with multiple PhDs who had defrauded their mother and now she's not allowed at family cookouts no more.

The American capital was pleasantly charming. Each street corner boasted a piece of American history both the dark and triumphant. In the short time we stayed in D.C., we decided to explore the city by bike and monument hop.

In a wonderful twist of fate I met up with an old friend from primary school. We had not seen each other for over 14 years. It was wonderful moment shared over delicious Kenyan food from Swahili Restaurant

It's been one craxy 3 weeks here in the United States of America. We've lived, we've laughed and we've learnt! For all those you who have been reading along on my journey, thank-you for allowing me to share with you!

Felicity Mashuro