Travel Post: Bali

The eyes of the Balinese dancer move in rhythm with the drum beat. They dart from the audience to her finger tips. A tilt of her neck and subtle head turn, she plays her movements upon the melody of the music. She is mesmerizing.

Her story tells of an strength clothed in beauty and fragility. As Rangda (a mythological monster) moves in to capture her, she continues to dance. Her movements are graceful and playful, seemly oblivious, she enraptures the audience with her charm. 

In a classic battle of good versus evil, good prevails and the story of Barong dance is told in all its glory. It is a beautiful performance to witness and I had the opportunity to do so on a short trip two weeks ago. 

I found many things to enchant me on my visit to Bali. It was not only the Barong dancers that mesmerized me, but the island had a vibe that I felt quite drawn to.

It had never been a direct intention of mine to visit Bali, however my friend and I saw a sale and we were both in need of a holiday. In telling our friends where we had booked, many gave us the side-eye and an unenthusiastic 'oh'. My mother freaked out and wondered if I had purchased a changeable ticket. The Schappelle Corby saga did not help. My partner was so concerned. Doubt came to cloud my decision as I began to think about all the 'bogans' that go there and the safety situation.

As the trip loomed closer I gathered my courage, assured everyone i would take extra precautions and packed my bags. Little did I know I was in for a treat. I now see the charm of the island. The nature is beautiful and local culture is beautiful. We went snorkeling, lost ourselves at Uluwatu Temple and reveled in the night life. 

My favourite souvenir is my batik head wrap. As you can tell I absolutely love head wraps and my collection continues. I picked up this beautiful blue one at the markets. 


I had so much fun and there are more things I wish I could have done. So...i guess I'll  be back!

Felicity Mashuro